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Service providers reduce
Internet charges 50 percent
Higher speeds, larger capacity
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Internet Service Providers (ISP), including IDM, Cyberia, and Sodetel, have reduced ADSL Internet prices, following the government’s decision two months ago to reduce Internet tariffs.

Ogero was the first to reduce tariffs after publishing the decision in the Official Gazette.

Internet Service Providers reduced tariffs between 20 and 50 percent. Those packages whose charges remained the same chose instead to increase capacity and internet speed. For instance, the $12 package provided by IDM and Cyberia was 2Mbps with a capacity of 10GB. Now it is 4Mbps with a capacity of 15 GB. Other packages providing 2Mbps with unlimited capacity has been reduced from $50 to $40.

Gabriel Deek, Chairman of the Internet Society, Lebanon Chapter, said the decision to reduce tariffs is only related to ADSL and not to wireless or mobile broadband.

However, IDM has increased its wireless broadband capacity. Mobi, which used to be 30 GB at 1 Mbps for $40, is now at a capacity of 60 GB at the same price.

Deek said mobile operators will not be able to increase the Internet speeds and capacity unless the ministry finalizes the infrastructure for 5G.

The price reductions have been made possible due to the decrease in the monthly fee of the international E1 line from $240 to $110. The E1 Line is a high-speed digital link that connects the private automatic branch exchange (PABX) (the telephone switch of the client) to the Ministry of Telecom and OGERO switch in the Central Office.

The government also announced the new fiber optic connection prices for offices and homes. These range between LL75,000 ($50) for 300 GB and LL240,000 ($160) for 1000 GB, all at 50 Mbps.

Deek said ISP has not yet started provided fiber optic connections.

The Ministry of Telecommunication also issued a decree reducing the prices of cell phone numbers. Regular prepaid numbers are now $3.3 instead of $25, the bronze numbers $110 instead of $165, the silver numbers $220 instead of $440, the diamond numbers (B) $2,500 instead of $5,000, and the diamond numbers (A) $5,000. The latter were classified as platinum and their prices exceeded $20,000 sometime.

Down SpeedMonthly usageOld price (USD)New price (USD)
2 MbpsUnlimited5040
2Mbps (old)10GB (old)1212
4Mbps (new)15GB (new)1212
Down SpeedMonthly usageOld price (USD)New price (USD)
2Mbps (old)10GB (old)1212
4Mbps (new)15GB (new)1212
Down SpeedMonthly usageOld price (USD)New price (USD)
Up to 2Mbps (old)40GB1616
Up to 4Mbps (new)40GB1616
Up to 2Mbps Unlimited5040
Open Speed50GB3320
Down SpeedMonthly usageOld price (USD)New price (USD)
2Mbps (old)12 (old)119.90
4Mbps (new)20 (new)119.90
1.5 Mbps (old) Unlimited2925
Up to 2Mbps (new)Unlimited2925

Prices are subject to 10% VAT
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Aug 11, 2017
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