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near Baakline
34 lodges and pottery workshop
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Bkerzay, an eco-tourism village near Baakline in the Shouf, will open in early September.

Ramzi Salman is the founder of the village, which has been developed on a 200,000 square meter land plot.

Bkerzay has 34 lodges, small rooms for hikers and young students. All lodges are built using local construction materials in an architectural style that reflects the rural setting. A hiking trail is also included.

The entire project operates on solar energy.

The project includes a pottery workshop that offers masterclasses, showcases the work of renowned pottery artists, and comprises a boutique for crafts.

“We already have a successful pottery initiative in Bkerzay, where there is a major pottery event every year,” said Salman.

Bkerzay comprises one main Lebanese restaurant, and two cafes providing ethnic cuisine from the Shouf and international food. Salman said the food outlets will be supervised by Hussein Hadid, a well-known chef.

Organic fruits, vegetables, honey, thyme, and olive oil are cultivated on agricultural land belonging to Bkerzay. The olive oil is also used to produce traditional soap.

“The project will be an example for sustainable development,” said Salman.

The project also includes a swimming pool, Turkish baths, and massage room.

“Only lodge patrons will have access to them,” he said.

Accommodation rates are between $60 and $150 per person.

The project will create around 50 full time jobs.

Ramzi Salman, is also the CEO of A.R. Hourie, a major contracting firm.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Aug 11, 2017
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