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License plates to
become electronic
Change to be completed

within a year

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The Traffic and Vehicle Management Authority will start circulating electronic license plates as of today (December 21).

Inkript had won the contract to procure the licenses, part of a $175 million tender for the production of electronic driving licenses, license plates, and the automation of the Vehicle and Traffic Management Authority.

The new plates will have a serial number, a bar code, and a three-dimensional hologram of the cedar. Huda Salloum, Chairperson of the Authority said: “These specifications will make it near impossible to forge the license plate and much better to control security.”

Public transport vehicles will replace their plates at the Vehicle Registration Authority in Dekwaneh. They will be exempted from paying an installation fee.

Private vehicles will replace the plates at points of sale for regular license plates. There will be an installation fee of $10 in addition to a $10 service fee.

“Operational private vehicles are required to replace their plates within a year. Public vehicles will follow another schedule,” said Salloum.

The Traffic and Vehicle Management Authority has brought in 1.45 million plates for the replacement procedure. Around 700,000 additional plates will also be available in the next two weeks.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Dec 21, 2017
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