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Industrial zone by Chmistar Municipality
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Works have started on 55 warehouse structures.

The project is being implemented by the municipality of Chmistar. Task Engineering Contractors will be overseeing and managing the project.

The land plot is 30,000 square meters (m2) in size. It will comprise 55 warehouses with parking for cars, each of which includes a mezzanine with a total space of 120 m2. The project will also encompass factories that will be built as hangars upon demand.

Abdallah Tfaili, Deputy Mayor of Chmistar, said: “The first stage of the city will be finalized in the late summer. Other phases will be implemented upon the industrialists’ requests.”

The project will be equipped with the required infrastructure including roads, a sewage system, water and water treatment facilities, and electricity.

Tfaili said that the warehouses and factories will be leased to tenants.

According to Tfaili, investment is estimated at $3 million. “The project will be funded and executed by the municipality,” he said.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: May 02, 2018
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