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Restaurant cluster to
open in Klayaat
Bringing branded restaurants and pubs to the region
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Pro Management Properties, a real estate development company owned by Rani Nassar and Alain Masri, will open a food cluster in Rayfoun, in early July.

The project will be built on a 3,000 square meters (m2) plot, with a total built-up area of 1,000 m2.

Nassar and Masri have invested $4 million in the project, which includes cost of the land.

“The project will contribute in reviving the Klayaat region as a touristic and entertainment hub,” Nassar said, referencing the area’s heyday in the 1990s.

The company has not yet selected a name for the cluster. It will, however, include branded restaurants and pubs, such as Lina’s café, Outdoor Restaurant, Trumpet, Tonic Café Bar, among others. The project will also have a playground for kids. Three adjacent plots of land will be used for parking.

Tenants will be partners in the project.

“We will be taking a percentage on sales rather than leasing fees,” Nassar said. “Negotiations are ongoing with other brands.”

The project will create around 100 job opportunities, Nassar said.

C-Lab Architects have been tapped to design the project.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jun 05, 2018
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