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Labor unions on general strike
Economic Associations are not
First of many Fridays planned for protests
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The General Confederation of Labor Unions (GCLU) has called workers of the public administrations and private sector to strike on Friday, January 4.

The call for the strike was anonymously initiated on social media. It aims to protest against the country’s living conditions and the delay in formation of a Cabinet.

“The Cabinet formation shouldn’t be a request, but a constitutional duty,” said Bechara Al Asmar, Secretary General of GCLU.

The Economic Associations announced that they didn’t call for the protest and refused to support it. “The strike will bring more losses, especially before the Arab Economic Summit taking place in mid-January,” according to a statement.

MP Nehmet Frem has called the Economic Associations for a symbolic solidarity with the strike.

The Union of the Syndicates of Laborers and Employees of Oil Sector, the Committee of Professional Teachers in Vocational and Technical Education, and the Committee of Contracted Secondary Public School Teachers announced their commitment to the strike. Union of the Syndicates of Air Transport Sector called workers to join for one hour.

Other protests are expected to occur in all regions on Sunday January 13, and a collective protest in Beirut on Sunday January 20.

Reported by Gisele Khalaf
Date Posted: Jan 02, 2019
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