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A.N. Boukather gets exclusive
rights to Ford sales, imports
The second brand to join the company in one year
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A.N. Boukather (ANB) has acquired the exclusive right to import and sell Ford vehicles in the country.

Ford is the second automotive brand to join ANB in less than a year. The company in March 2018 acquired the right to import and sell Opel, which was owned by Techno Cars.

“We selected Ford as it is a strong car and has a good reputation. We started to push the brand in the market through social media and marketing campaigns,” said Anthony Boukather, Chief Executive Officer at ANB.

Folic Automotives, a member of the Tewtel Group, held the rights to import and sell Ford in the country.

“We decided to sell the Ford ‘dealership’ due to many factors, to be more focused on the brands we represent,” said Nadim Tewtel, Chairman and Managing Director of Tewtel Group, exclusive dealer of Land Rover, Honda, and Aston Martin vehicles.

Folic Automotives is in talks with another specialized vehicle manufacturer, and will sign the contract shortly, according to Tewtel.

“Demand for SUVs is increasing in the local market, and Ford has five SUV models,” Boukather said.

Ford sales decreased 13 percent in 2018 over 2017, similar to other car brands sales. New car sales dropped 11.5 percent in the same period.

“ANB now sells a Japanese car (Mazda), a German car (Opel) and now an American car (Ford) so we can target different customers,” Boukather said. ANB also sells Otokar buses and various brands of motorcycles.

Ford automobiles are available at ANB headquarters in Nahr El Mot. The company plans to open a new showroom by March in Jal El Dib. The new Ford Escort will arrive locally in September.

As the Ford’s official importer-dealer for Lebanon, ANB has begun to provide Ford customers with maintenance services.
Reported by Gisele Khalaf
Date Posted: Jan 31, 2019
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