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Organic winery planning
production of 250,000 bottles
Vineyard is near Baalbek and facility in Ain Dara
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Agri Soil, a recently established company, has launched Château Trois Collines, a winery based in Ain Dara.

The company has acquired a 100 hectare (one million square meters) land plot at a 1,600 meters altitude in Ain Bourday, near Baalbek. “We have planted 40 percent of the land with grapes so far,” said Ziad Ammar, CEO of Agri Soil.

Château Trois Collines produces organic grapes and wines. Its vines and wines are certified organic by Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione (IMC), a European institution. The vineyard is equipped with solar power panels.

“It is making our costs higher and production lower because the grapes are grown without any pesticides or fertilizers,” Ammar said.

The winery in Ain Dara will have a restaurant and a cave, to be completed in 2020.

“The wines will be produced exclusively from the grapes planted in our vineyards,” Ammar said.

Château Trois Collines has produced 50,000 bottles of wine, and will gradually increase production over three years to 250,000 bottles per year. The winery produces Nysa Red, Nysa Rose, and Nysa White wines. Bottles retail from $12 and $14.

Agri Soil has invested more than $5 million in the project, including the cost of the land. The project created 15 full time jobs, including agricultural engineers and highly skilled laborers.

“The global organic wine industry has witnessed significant expansion in recent years, and demand is increasing,” Ammar said.

The company will dedicate around 40 percent of its production for exports. “We have started exporting to Italy,” Ammar said.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: May 02, 2019
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