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Local franchised restaurants
surpass 200 branches abroad
Nigeria, Armenia, Kurdistan

and Bulgaria new destinations

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Restaurant franchisors have plans to expand into new international markets this year, according to ‘retail concepts’, a cover story published in the July issue of Lebanon Opportunities.

Many restaurant franchisors have signed franchise contracts in multiple countries including Nigeria, Armenia, Kurdistan, and are negotiating deals in untapped European countries such as Bulgaria and Sweden. Franchisors are also spotting opportunities in the Far East.

“The [Lebanese] cuisine has become among the top cuisines in the world, and is increasingly demanded,” said Maroun Daou, Chief Operations Officer at Ghia Holding, the company behind Abd El Wahab, Ahwak, and Duo.

Crepaway and Nasma, owned by the Thoumy family, have signed a franchise agreement with a Nigerian investor to open three Crepaway branches in the country.

Ant Venture, the owner of Casper & Gambini’s (C&G) and Bab Idriss, franchised its concept through Silver Plates, a Nigerian food service company three years ago in Lagos. It also opened another branch in January in the Ikeja City Mall in Lagos.

The Iraq-Kurdistan region is already home to some local restaurants and will see more in the future. “These markets are emerging, and there is a large shortage in services, especially in diners catering to youth,” said Albert Thoumy, Partner and CFO of Ant Venture.

Armenia is also an emerging market and is attracting local franchisors. Fig Holding, owner of Mayrig, a local Armenian restaurant, franchised its concept to Yerevan, Armenia last summer. Mon Maki a Moi, a local sushi restaurant is also negotiating with Armenian investors to franchise the concept in Yerevan.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jul 12, 2019
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