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Airport fees increase on
business and first class travel
Fees down on long haul private jet trips
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Fees for departing passengers using business and first class flights as well as private jet and yacht tickets have been increased, according to the approved budget law. The law will come into effect starting from August 1, 2019.

The distance criterion for the new fees become 900 kilometers (km), instead of 1,250, according to Mohamad Chehabeddine, Director of the Civil Aviation Authority.

For trips with a final destination of over 900 km from Beirut, fees have increased from LL50,000 ($33) to LL150,000 ($110) for first class flights. It remained stable for economy and business tickets. Fees dropped for private jet and yacht tickets.

For trips with final destination below 900 km from Beirut, fees have increased to LL75,000 ($50) for business class tickets, LL 100,000 ($66) for first class tickets, and to LL150,000 ($100) for private jets.

Some major airport destinations that do not exceed 900 km from Beirut include: Egypt, Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, Turkey excluding Istanbul, Baghdad and Erbil in Iraq.

The fees will be paid when buying the tickets, according to Chehabeddine. Airline companies will transfer the fees every month to the Ministry of Finance.

New LL10,000 ($6.6) fees were imposed on non-Lebanese land passengers when arriving to the country, to be paid as a stamp.

Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Aug 02, 2019
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