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Private sector campaign
calls for tax disobedience
To negotiate debt rescheduling with banks
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A group of companies of all sizes across business sectors announced that it is waging a campaign to not pay taxes anymore.

This will include VAT, income tax and National Social Security Fund contributions.

The group gathers a large number of companies, according to Waddah Sadek, CEO at ITS Communications, and one of the organizers of the campaign.

“We don’t want civil disobedience, but the private sector entities are not able to pay dues anymore,” said Sadek. Employees’ situation is even worse, he said.

“Private sector syndicates and associations didn’t take any initiative in this regards,” said Samir Saliba, General Manager of Mike Sports, another organizer.

The next step at this initiative is the formation of a committee that will gather lawyers, experts and representatives of all the sectors. The committee will negotiate with the Association of Banks and the other entities in order to reschedule the debts of the companies and their employees.

The campaign has been initiated by ‘I Am a Red Line’ initiative. It was one of the organizers of the civil parade on Independence Day.

Reported by Gisele Khalaf
Date Posted: Dec 12, 2019
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