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Takeaway and delivery
keep some restaurants active
Increase in delivery demand from

homes offset by drop of orders from offices

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Restaurants and cafes are partially closed until further notice, according to the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafés, Night-Clubs and Pastries.

Only delivery services will keep operating and the decision applies for all restaurants of the country, according to the Syndicate.

Restaurants are also allowing takeaway. “Restaurants and snacks are still offering takeaway meals,” according to Khaled Nazha, Vice chairman of the Syndicate.

The Ministerial Committee for Combating coronavirus is actively enforcing closures. Members of the Internal Security Forces are inspecting restaurants and cafes to ensure closure, and force it when needed.

Some of the restaurants and cafes at Hamra Street are working with half opened doors while others have ceased operations temporarily.

Delivery has increased dramatically for restaurants and supermarket grocery, according to Tamim Khalfa, CEO at Toters Lebanon, a platform for online orders and delivery that provides services to around 700 companies. “Demand for delivering personal items has also increased in the last two weeks,” said Khalfa.

But all is not rosy at the delivery front. Many offices have curtailed ordering, especially at lunch time. This has partially offset the surge in delivery to homes.

Another challenge for delivery outlets is ensuring protection from infection for their employees. This has engendered additional cost according to Khalfa.

Casual and fine dining restaurants are the most affected, especially those that do not offer delivery services. They have ceased operations, according to Nazha. “This decision affects 12,000 hospitality entities,” he said.

Previously, theaters and nightclubs, cinemas, and gyms were ordered to shut down as one of the preventive measures against the coronavirus. The closure of schools and universities was also extended for another week until March 15.
Reported by Gisele Khalaf
Date Posted: Mar 12, 2020
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