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Testing of two ventilator
prototypes started
Designed by Phoenix Machinery

and I.Network Automation

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I.Network Automation and Phoenix Machinery (part of the Indevco Group) have designed, each independently, prototypes for intensive care ventilators.

Hotel Dieu de France Hospital and the Saint Joseph University (USJ) have started testing of a locally manufactured intensive care ventilator prototype, designed by I.Network Automation, an industrial robots and automation manufacturer, founded by Kousra Sakr. Testing of the Phoenix Machinery unit has started as well.

The testing process will take a few weeks, and then production of the devices may start.

I.Network Automation said its prototype will be experimented on animals in a first stage.

Both entities have used existing designs, but manufactured most of the parts used in the device. “We based our design on a British model, and made improvements on it,” said Neemat Frem, Chairman of Indevco.

I.Network said that the cost of the device does not exceed $2,000. Phoenix does not have a cost estimate as of this writing. The average cost of an imported intensive care ventilator can reach $30,000.

I.Network’s design will be available for manufacturers and hospitals free of charge. The design recipients will need to arrange for the manufacture. The Indevco group will produce its own units.

Indevco will start production after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Public Heath, according to Rabih Osta, General Manager of the Phoenix group. It will be able to produce ten devices per day. About half of the device parts can be manufactured locally.

Companies of INDEVCO Group are also working to construct isolation rooms, prefabricated field hospitals, and surgical masks. Sanita is adapting existing machinery to produce surgical masks, according to Osta.
Reported by Gisele Khalaf
Date Posted: Mar 25, 2020
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