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Basket of appointments
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Central Bank’s Central

Council is back in business

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The government has finally appointed four vice governors of the Central Bank (BDL), all de-facto members of BDL’s Central Council (Board of Directors).

It has also named a new Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Trade (MoET) – who also sits on BDL’s Central Council.

These appointments fill vacancies at BDL’s Central Council which became paralyzed after the mandate of the previous members expired more than a year ago.

The new vice-governors are:

Wassim Mansouri, General Partner at his law firm, professor of constitutional law at Lebanese University, and member of the board of directors of the Tripoli Special Economic Zone.

Salim Chahine, professor of finance at AUB and formerly acting dean of the business school, and member of the board of directors of BankMed. He was formerly consultant at Banque BEMO.

Bachir Yakzan, Assistant General Manager at BBAC, and instructor of finance at AUST.

Alexander Mouradian, Head of Investor Relations at BLOMINVEST Bank.

Christelle Wakim, government representative. She is Head of Compliance at Cedrus Invest Bank, and was formerly a compliance officer at Bank Audi and Ahli Investment Bank.

The new Director General of MoET is Mohamed Abou Haidar who was employed for the past four years as an expert through the UNDP program at MoET. He was a coordinator in Consumer Protection and at the MoET’s quality program QUALEB.

The new appointments also included the Banking Control Commission with Maya Dabbagh as Chairperson, and Kamel Wazni, Joseph Haddad, Marwan Mikhael, and Adel Dreik as members.

The government has also appointed Wajib Kanso, Fouad Choucair, and Walid Kadri at the Capital Markets Authority.

It has also named Chadi Hanna as board member at the Special Investigation Commission, Ghassan Noureddine as Director General of Investments at the Ministry of Energy and Water, Nisrine Machmouchi as head of the Civil Service Council, Girgis Berbari as Director General of the General Directorate of Cereals and Sugar Beets, and Judge Marwan Abboud as Governor of Beirut. Pauline Deeb has been appointed as governor of Keserwan and Jbeil, a newly created governorate.
Date Posted: Jun 11, 2020
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