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Légion d'Honneur goes to…Jihad Azour
In appreciation of his good governance: Pietton praises former Finance Minister
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July 6, 2011- Former Minister of Finance, economist Jihad Azour received Wednesday the Légion d'Honneur, a high-level French honor decoration, from Ambassador Denis Pietton in appreciation of his performance as Finance Minister during the period between 2005 and 2008.

“(Azour was) one of the guardians of Lebanon’s economic and financial stability during the crucial times at which he was in office,” Pietton said.
Ambassador Pietton said Azour is “a major Lebanese figure” in the field of economy and finance and that he knew how to employ his competencies in the service of his country.

Pietton praised Azour’s performance in managing the Ministry of Finance, mainly pertaining to his release of regular work progress reports of the Paris III reform conference. He also said Azour had published, for the first time in Lebanon’s history, the State’s financial accounts for the period extending between 1993 and 2006.

Pietton said Azour worked on promoting dialogue with the private sector, as well as simplifying measures pertaining to finance, taxing, and customs. He praised the former Minister’s efforts in fostering the participation of youth in the economy through the “Bader” group and the “Youth Economic Forum”.

Pietton also spoke of Azour’s role in advancing bilateral relations with France and boosting economic and financial dealings between the two countries.

Azour, on his part, valued France’s contributions to the Lebanese economy’s recovery process. He said France had a substantial role in Paris III, as it bolstered financial aid, reaching $ 7 billion, to the country.
Date Posted: Jul 08, 2011
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