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Farmers protest weak state support
Association of Farmers calls for better control on imported goods
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August 1, 2011- The Association of Farmers said the Ministry of Agriculture is not assuming its responsibilities as it should, in light of the dire conditions suffered by the sector.

The Association called the ministry to freeze the distribution of donations and aid to farmers until it has been confirmed that the aid is being allocated equally among all farmers in the country relative to their numbers in each district. The Association rejected the Ministry’s proposal to establish a register based on an agricultural survey, calling, instead, for a law-based register managed by the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture.

The Farmers’ Association rejected a proposal to establish mutual funds to compensate for damages in agriculture resulting from natural disasters, and called for a public institution for agricultural indemnity against disasters.

The Association condemned the rejection of a bill for establishing a ‘National Bank for Agricultural Development’ and replacing it with an agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and a commercial bank. It also called the Ministry to apply firm control on imported goods, as well a ban the import of products below the required specifications.

The government had formed a committee to study a proposal, submitted by IDAL, to prolong the ‘Export Plus’ program for supporting agricultural exports.

The Association of Farmers in the South held a demonstration protesting the delay in the government’s measures to support exports. The protestors called for signing trade agreements and providing custom facilitations to export products to new markets, namely Turkey, Iran, and Eastern Europe. They also called for Social Security coverage for farmers and fishermen.

Date Posted: Aug 01, 2011
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