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‘A Crazy Love’
New national slogan
Campaign launched by Ministry of Tourism
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The Ministry of Tourism launched ‘A Crazy Love’, a new touristic identity, or “I love you in your madness”, when literally translated from Arabic. “This will be our touristic identity that the world will see,” said the ministry.

The slogan was developed by advertising company TBWA. It originates from lyrics of ‘Bhebak Ya Lebnan’ (I love you Lebanon), a pre-civil war song by Fairuz.

Walid Kanaan, Chief Creative Officer at TBWA said it was “near-impossible” to find ways to market a country in the grip of multi-layered economic and political crises, but that he had found inspiration in the people of Lebanon.

“This is our country, a crazy country… crazy in its nightlife, crazy in its food and generosity. And no matter how crazy the situation in Lebanon is, we can only say: We love you in your madness,” said Kanaan.

The slogan will be displayed on Middle East Airlines planes and in social media campaigns.

Date Posted: Nov 05, 2021
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