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Securite Assurance creates
products targeting brokers
Tool to build websites for selling policies

mobile app, and ‘TeleMedicine’ to access doctors

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Sécurité Assurance has launched three new technology-based products targeting insurance brokers, ‘Website Builder’, ‘Pro App’, and ‘TeleMedicine’.

Anthony Khawam, the company's CEO said during ‘The Brokers of Future’ event that launching these pioneering products is a first in Lebanon and that he wants Sécurité Assurance with all its services and capabilities to always keep abreast of technological advances.

The ‘Website Builder’ tool allows brokers working with Sécurité Assurance to establish their own website and sell insurance online. “In keeping with the company's technical strategy, this unique technology enables the establishment of a website for brokers to assist their job, where they may offer advice to their customers and sell insurance products in a simple manner online,” Khawam said.

The ‘Pro App’ allows brokers to check Sécurité Assurance’s products and pricing. They can also perform other operations such as declaring claims and renewing policies. The "TeleMedicine" service provides clients with unlimited and free access to specialist doctors.

Jeff Khawam, Chairman of Sécurité Assurance, said their company has a solid financial position thanks to its prudent investment policy, which makes it highly competitive and able to meet the needs of its customers from the most basic to the most complex. He said that Sécurité Assurance operates in many countries in the region through its sister companies including ISA Solutions.

Sécurité Assurance, which has a capital of more than $15 million, covers all scales of risks thanks to its robust financial position and its relationships with strong reinsurance firms. Its insurance portfolio is covered by global class A-rated reinsurers such as Hannover Re, Swiss Re, Lloyd's, CCR Re, and MAPFRE RE.
Date Posted: Apr 13, 2022
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