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Boecker launches Q-Platinum Award
New certificate offers simpler food safety standards for local restaurants
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Food Safety provider ‘Boecker Public Health’ launched the Q-Platinum Award (QPA) food safety certificate in partnership with the global management system certification DQS-UL.

The new internationally recognized food safety certificate is supported by the Syndicate of owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-Clubs, and Pastries. The initiative was officially unveiled by the CEO of Boecker, Michel Bayoud. Bayoud said that the initiative will help establish developed quality standards and best practices within the hospitality and food industry.

The Q-Platinum Award has been designed for restaurants and food establishments’ owners to provide them with a simple Food Safety System.

The program designs and implements food safety standards for restaurants and catering firms that have smaller kitchens and thus could find it hard to obtain the ISO or HACCP certificates – due to specifications related to spaces.
Boecker’s Regional Marketing and Communication Manager, Hammad Abu Dargam, said that the interested institutions should contact Boecker and submit an application. Three months after that, Boecker will perform an audit to check the restaurant’s compliance with the applicable standards. If it obtained the required score, the restaurant would be granted the food safety certificate. Abu Dargam said that regular audits will be performed each three months.

The President of the Syndicate of Restaurant owners, Paul Ariss, said that the syndicate supports Boecker’s efforts to help restaurants improve quality criteria that will benefit both the businesses and the clientele.

Boecker Food Safety, part of Boecker Public Health, is a registered training center with UK’s Royal Society for Public Health and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. It provides food hygiene training recognized by the regulatory bodies worldwide.

Boecker was founded in 1993. It is also present in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Nigeria.
Date Posted: Nov 09, 2011
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