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New cargo hub at airport
MEA to build $11 million air cargo facility
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A new air cargo center will be built at Rafic Hariri International Airport (RHIA), the national carrier Middle East Airlines (MEA) announced Tuesday (May 8). 

“The project’s cost is estimated at around $11 million,” said Richard Mujais, general manager of Middle East Airlines Ground Handling (MEAG). MEAG is s fully-owned subsidiary of MEA and provides cargo services at RHIA.

The project will be executed by local company Soubra Metal Group. 

Construction will be financed through a nine-year loan from BankMed. The project will be completed within one year.

“Besides being old and outdated, the warehouses at the airport have become overloaded with around 65,000 tons of cargo each year,” Mujais said. He said that the new cargo center has a storage capacity for up to 180,000 tons. 

The new facility will cover 20,000 square meters. It will include a 5,000 sq.m. export warehouse, and a 10,000 sq.m. import warehouse . The center will also include 2,000 sqm of refrigerated space for storing meats, fish, and medicines.

A total of 56,800 tons of goods were imported, and 24,000 tons exported through RHIA in 2011.

Reported by Hanadi Chami 

Date Posted: May 09, 2012
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