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Le Charcutier going to Antelias
Supermarket to open new branch in Fanar soon
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A new branch for Le Charcutier will open in Fanar this week, December 7. With an investment reaching up to $3 million, the new outlet has a space of 3,000 square meters. Riad Khairallah, group communication consultant at Le Charcutier said that this new branch is considered as a good and promising investment: “The branch will be reaching a population of approximately 40,000, and is close to main business, commercial, educational, and shopping centers.”
Le Charcutier will also open another branch on the Antelias highway around June 2013, said Khairallah. The Antelias branch will have an area of 11,000 square meters, with a 3,000 square meters parking area. Investment in this branch will range between $8 million and $10 million.

Le Charcutier‘s expansion plan is based on a neighborhood supermarket strategy with a personal touch, stressing on clients and suppliers satisfaction, said Khairallah. “Our objective is to drive the company into a more prominent market position and make ourselves available to our clients instead of making them come to us,” he said.

Le Charcutier, formerly known as Le Charcutier Aoun, already has 14 branches across the country, from Chiah to Jbeil, with nine branches in Metn district. Khairallah said that opening branches in adjacent locations will prevent competitors from grabbing their market share: “Even if having adjacent outlets might cause one of the branches to lose up to ten percent of its clients, this loss will go to a nearby Charcutier outlet rather than to a competitor.”

Le Charcutier Aoun is a family business owned and founded by three brothers: Joseph, Abdallah, and Kamal Aoun.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Dec 03, 2012
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