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Le Maillon Club soon in Ashrafieh
F&B group to unveil another enterprise in January
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Le Maillon Club will be opening in Ashrafieh’s Sofil Center, below Le Maillon Restaurant by the end of December.

The new venue is a resto-club offering French cuisine, alongside a sushi bar catered by Kobe, Gemmayzeh. It will have a space of 500 square meters and will cater for up to 320 seated persons.

The club is owned by Le Maillon Group, a company founded and owned by Dr. Joe Azoury and a group of around 12 physicians. The group already has two outlets: Le Maillon Restaurant, and Le Maillon Café in Zalka.

Wissam Maalouf, marketing manager at Le Maillon Club said that over $2 million were invested in the new club. He said the group will be announcing a new enterprise in January.

Maalouf said that Le Maillon Group investors were not disheartened by the current instability: “We are committed to empowering our hospitality sector, taking into consideration the surrounding challenges.”
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Dec 03, 2012
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