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Liban Post opens five new outlets
15 others planned for next year
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Local post company Liban Post has recently opened five new outlets across the country. Le Mall (Sin El Fil), Le Charcutier (Dekwaneh and Jbeil), Spinneys (Hazmieh), and Amliye Supermarket (Airport Road) each now host operational Liban Post kiosks.

Reem Tannir, senior communication officer at Liban Post said that all these new outlets are operational during the working hours of the malls or supermarkets hosting them.

"Opening in supermarkets and malls reflects our new business strategy, which is to be closer to clients, and more flexible," she said.

A new Liban Post branch will be opening soon in TSC (Verdun). Tannir said that their expansion scheme will see the opening of 15 additional outlets during 2013. The new outlets will be located mainly in malls and supermarkets, with a maximum space of 12 square meters for each.

Tannir said Liban Post is revamping its whole identity: "We are introducing facelifts to all our outlets and offering new services as well." Out of 61 post offices, 40 have already adopted the rebranded image. "We are working on transforming all our kiosks and making them identical," she said.

Liban Post has introduced new time-saving practices with less queuing for customers. They have also introduced the "LP Fidelity Card", a new card that would help customers keep track of their Liban Post operations. Tannir said: "This card is provided by default to all our customers once they conduct an operation with Liban Post. It will help them complete their paperwork faster later on."
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Dec 11, 2012
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