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EU helps foodstuffs factories earn ISO
Program to boost export of products
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The Syndicate of Food Industries signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Economy and Trade (MoET) for a program to support, train, and qualify 20 foodstuffs manufacturers to earn the quality management system certificate ISO 22000. The European Union (EU) will fund the program as part of its efforts to reinforce the competitiveness of the local product.

George Nasraoui, Head of the Syndicate of Foodstuff Industries (SLFI), said: “Although local food factories already export their products to most international markets, the ISO certificate enhances the credibility and competitiveness of local products.”

The participating factories will be chosen out of the syndicate’s 150 members. “Any foodstuffs factory qualified to apply for the ISO 22000 could submit an application to the MoET,” said Nasraoui. The Ministry will accept the first 20 applications submitted, on a first-come first-served basis. According to Nasraoui, around 30 percent of food factories are not qualified for the ISO certificate, and some 16 percent of them are already certified.

The program will provide experts to train workers at the participating factories on how to apply the international quality standards. Any upgrades required for the factory to meet the ISO standards should be funded by the owner.

Nasraoui said the SLFI has been working with factories to enhance the production process. “The cost of training factories to implement ISO standards could reach a minimum of $10,000 per factory,” he said.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: 12/4/2013
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