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Press Syndicate objects to higher LibanPost fees
Up to 60 percent increase
in publications' delivery fees
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The Press Syndicate has voiced its objection concerning LibanPost's decision to raise delivery fees of publications inside the country and abroad. The Syndicate pressed the Ministry of Telecommunications to call on LibanPost to reconsider.

As of January, the local delivery fee of a publication weighing less than 250 grams increased from LL750 to LL1,000. Delivery fees to Arab countries were raised from LL2,500 to LL3,000, while fees to Africa and Europe were raised from LL5,250 to LL6,250. Charges for delivery to America and other countries went up from LL7,750 to LL9,250.

Camille Menassa, Treasurer of the Press Syndicate, said that the increased delivery fees of the publicly-owned LibanPost tnow approximate the fees charged by private shipping firms. “If LibanPost does not alter its resolution, owners of publications will start seeking the services of private firms which offer better quality services,” said Menassa.

The courier has raised other delivery fees as well. For example, any publication weighing slightly more than 250 grams will be automatically charged as 500 grams, which will increase fees substantially.

According to LibanPost, the increase was relevant because the company had not raised its fees in a long time. Reem Tannir, Senior Communication Officer at LibanPost, said the firm sent publication owners a prior notice about the new delivery fees.

“The high cost of living and growing fuel costs led us to losses. We had to raise our fees in order to remain profitable,” she said.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Apr 12, 2013
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