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National addressing system launched
22 municipalities already mapped
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A project for implementing a nationwide street addressing system was recently launched by the Ministry of Telecommunications (MoT). The mapping system was created by local firm Navleb which specializes in GPS navigation and tracking services. The project was approved by the Cabinet in February 2013.

Joseph Hajj, Managing Director of Navleb, said: “The project’s execution began after a comprehensive study by a committee of representatives from LibanPost, MoT, Navleb, Ministry of Interior, Directorate General of the Geographic Office at Lebanese Armed Forces, and GIS/Transport, a local subsidiary of a U.S. navigation services firm.” The system involves labeling localities, streets, and houses. Each village will have a Zip Code, every street will have a name or number, and every house will have a number.

Navleb has already started executing the street addressing in different cazas. Hajj said: “So far, 22 municipalities have been labeled, including areas like Hazmieh, Beit Merry, Bhamdoun, and parts of Jounieh.”

According to Hajj, it could take up to two years for the system to be fully implemented. He said the smooth implementation depends on how cooperative the municipalities are: “Each municipality will be in charge of installing all the appropriate numbering platforms.”

The system follows the addressing reference system employed in the US, but is modified to match the local scope. Municipalities will be in charge of informing residents of the new system. Hajj said: “The addressing system will greatly help municipalities in their tax collection and other operations, it will also help LibanPost in their mailing work.”

Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: May 10, 2013
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