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ISO training for factories
EU-funded program targets food manufacturers
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The Ministry of Economy and Trade launched the quality control program for food factories in collaboration with the Syndicate of Food Industries. The program is funded by the European Union (EU) and aims to support industrial companies in implementing food safety systems to obtain the ISO 22000 certificate.

“The purpose of this project is catering healthy and safe products for consumers, as well as boosting and increasing exports to international markets,” said George Nesrawi, Head of the Syndicate.

The Ministry of Industry started processing applications from syndicated industrial companies wishing to benefit from this program. The Ministry received about 28 applications on the first day. Nesrawi said the EU initially wished to accept 20 factories, but the Ministry promised to give more applicants a chance.

A team of local and European experts will offer consultancy and training sessions on how to apply international quality standards and avoid using prohibited materials, for the selected factories to be eligible for ISO certification. “Development or renovation costs for factories will be funded by the owners,” said Nesrawi.

The EU program allocated a budget for the quality control program. Nesrawi said: “The cost of training a single factory to apply ISO standards could reach $10,000.”

“About 25 local food factories are ISO-certified, and less than 30 percent of the remaining factories are not eligible to apply for the certification, but the Syndicate is working with them to enhance their methods.”
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Aug 15, 2013
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