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Touristic project in Batroun
Level 5 Holding expands its portfolio
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La Réserve, a new beach resort, is being developed by Level 5 Holding.

La Réserve will be located in Thoum (Batroun Caza). Construction works will start during this summer.

The company is the owner of Orchid Resort in Jiyyeh.

The 30,000 m2 Batroun project will include a hotel, private chalets, sports and leisure beach club, and a wellness spa.

Khalil Noujeim, Group Business Development Director at Level 5 Holding said that the project has two phases. The first phase, the beach club, will be open for visitors in 2015. The second phase, which includes the remaining facilities, is projected for summer 2016.

Noujeim said they found in the Batroun coast a good opportunity because of its touristic attraction.

Level 5 Holding is active in several sectors including media representation (Tree Ad Group), outdoor advertising (Viacom), distribution and retail (Ligne Bleue, agent of the ‘Eden Park’ brand, and Maduro, commercial representative of French jewelry Mauboussin), printing (MMT Group), and communication (BlackInk). Level 5 Holding was established in 2005. It is chaired by Mazen Mousallem.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: May 06, 2014
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