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MoT warns operators again
Mobile companies given 24 hours to report
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The Ministry of Telecoms (MoT) has given mobile operators Touch and Alfa 24 hours to report on problems plaguing the mobile network.

A MoT spokesperson said that frequent telephony cuts have caused lots of complaints among mobile telephone users, which pushed the ministry to question operators. “The increase in the number of mobile phone subscribers is not behind the service deterioration,” he said. The network is well established and can host the large number of subscribers. “The problem is due to technical malfunction which operators will report on,” he said.

The MoT said that, based on the reports of the operators, it will work on setting a comprehensive long-term plan and solutions.

Last May, the MoT had faced the same problem and forced the operators’ hand. The ministry gave the operators a short period to restore back service to the required level. It threatened to take them to court and terminate their contracts. The MoT said that the operators are facing the same issues. “They will be penalized if they keep breaching the rules,” he said.

The contracts of the mobile operators expire at the end of September. The terms of reference have been finalized and will be soon presented to the Cabinet. “It is against the interest of both Alfa and Touch to conclude their activities in the market with a bad image,” said the MoT spokesperson.

Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Aug 25, 2014
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