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New hospital to open in Deir Dourit
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Salman Al Farsi Hospital will open in Deir Dourit, near Baakline, in late 2016. The hospital is owned by former minister Wiam Wahhab.

Construction works have begun and are expected to be completed within one year. Amin Abou Diab, Jahlieh Mayor, said: “The reason behind establishing this hospital is the large need for medical services in the Chouf region.”

The hospital will provide general medical services, from emergency care to surgical operations.

The cost of construction will exceed $3 million. Abou Diab said that the Iranian embassy in Beirut granted the funds for building the hospital and equipping it.

The total space of the land measures 32,000 square meters and the built-up area will reach 2,500 m2.

Salman Al Farsi Hospital will consist of 85 beds on four floors and is expected to create more than 300 jobs.

The hospital intends to sign contracts with the National Social Security Fund, Security forces, and cooperative funds.
Date Posted: Nov 10, 2014
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