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Plan to cultivate
40 million trees
Funds will be provided by FAO and local bodies
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The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) launched a project for forestation and reforestation. The 20-year plan will see to the planting of 40 million trees in various areas of the country.

A committee was established including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and representatives from the private and public sectors to set a plan for the mechanism of forestation. The project will be implemented by the MoA in collaboration with concerned municipalities, civil organizations, and the public sector.

Sawsan Bou Fakhreddine, Advisor to the Minister, said: “There is no specific budget allocated for this project yet. But funds will be provided by international institutions through FAO, municipalities and the private sector.”

The MoA will provide cedar, pine and fir trees, as well as technical experts. Other parties will plant the trees and provide irrigation and maintenance for them. The committee will be responsible of providing sustainability for the planted trees.

Bou Fakherddine said that the first phase of the project will be implemented from December to late February. “Around two million trees will be planted each year,” she said.

“The target of this project is to plant about 70,000 hectares (700 sq. k) and increase green spaces from 13 to 20 percent,” Bou Fakhereddine said. Each hectare can host between 300 and 500 trees, depending on the kind planted.

The study of the project was submitted to MoA by a team of agricultural experts and environmental organizations.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Nov 11, 2014
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