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Schtrunz microbrewery to open in Ghazir
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The Schtrunz microbrewery, founded by Emil Strunc, has launched the pilot phase and will start officially brewing once it has been issue with a license from the Ministry of Industry. “The main objective behind opening this brewery is to provide a real craft beer with eight types of brew, rather than the industrial beer available in the market,” he said.

Target consumers of Schtrunz will be beer connoisseurs, said Strunc, who will be able to sample a variety of ales.

He said that craft and industrial beers available locally are lagers, which vary only with the quantities of malt and hop used however, there are many ale recipes. Schtrunz beer, like most craft beers, is not pasteurized and since a small quantity of the initial yeast is added before bottling, it generates a second fermentation, which generates foam and makes the beer evolve in the bottle and taste differently after a number of years, like wine.

Strunc said: “This way of fermentation makes the ale beer more fruity, and aromatic.” It will be provided with several flavors such as the seasonal ale beer and cologne ale.

The 75 square meter brewery is located in the industrial zone of Ghazir. Strunc said he invested $25,000 as an initial step and imported his machines from Germany.

Strunc will brew 300 liters of beer per week in the first stage, equivalent to 675 bottles and will increase production capacity within a year. He will provide 330 milliliter bottles for $3.5 and 750 ml for $10.

Strunc said that he uses mineral water in his beer with no additives. He learned the art of homemade beer from his father and grandfather and earned a brewing diploma from Université de la Rochelle in France.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Dec 08, 2014
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