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Mixed-use concept cluster in Naccache
Restaurants, retail outlets, gym and more
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Alain Hadife, founder of the wedding planning company, Caractère, is planning an open-mall concept for Naccache.

Works began last year and will be finalized within three months, Hadife said. The official opening is expected this summer.

The project occupies a 14,000 square meter plot with a built-up area of 3,000 m2. It includes a complex of eight to nine restaurants with various cuisines. It also entails a space for around four retail concept stores. It will also host a bank and a club-gym.

Investment in the project is around $4 million. Designers are Charles Hadife Architects.

F&B clusters are the new trend in the hospitality business, with over five clusters planned for the coming months in Hazmieh, Dbayeh and Ashrafieh. This fashion started two years ago with the opening of Blueberry Square in Dbayeh, facing Le Mall, which hosts Couqley, Leil Nhar, Margherita Pizzeria and others. The trend continued with Junction 5 on the same highway, which hosts Shakespeare & Co, Goûtons Voir and others.

According to Hadife, “It is the experience that the food clusters provide to clients that makes them successful and sustainable,” he said.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Mar 17, 2015
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