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The Graveyard: Modern
funeral services in Jbeil
The $5 million project will offer tombs for sale
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The Graveyard, a 15,000 square meter landscaped green area in Jbeil will be dedicated to over 1,500 graves and tombs.
It is owned by Maintenance Renovation Management Real Estate (MR2), owned by Nadim Maatouk. It is designed by architect Ramy Maacaron.

The project will include a church, full funeral services, a flower shop, a restaurant, 24-hour security, and other related amenities. Graves and ceremonies follow various Christian rites.

Construction permits are in process and works are expected to start by Q1 2016. The project will be completed by mid 2017. Investment in the development is around $5 million.

Maatouk said that graves will be offered for sale. Prices are not yet defined. “We are offering clients the ability to customize their graves and funerals. They are also able to pay in installments,” he said. There is an increasing demand for graceful burial venues and no destination with comprehensive services, according to Maatouk. He said that they have plans for additional venues in other areas.
Reported by Rana Freifer
Date Posted: Aug 18, 2015
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