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Wings of Lebanon
expands operations
Plans new routes, more flights
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Wings of Lebanon, a privately-owned charter flight company is planning to add destinations and operate a new passenger plane.

Youssef El Hajj, CEO, said: “We will launch routes to destinations not being served by Middle East Airlines (MEA). These include Stockholm, Vienna, Copenhagen, Prague, and Tehran.”

This summer, the company began making year-round flights mainly to Turkey. “We used to fly only in the summer, because we are hired by travel agencies,” he said. Nakhal was the only travel and tourism agency that used to hire the company. The rising demand for chartered flights was the reason for kicking off monthly flights. “In seasons other than the summer and to keep the business going, we would operate flights by our sister company in Africa,” he said.

Wings of Lebanon owns two Boeing 737 passenger planes, one of which will begin flying the new routes.

This is the only remaining local charter company, according to El Hajj. There were more than four that traveled to locations that the MEA did not fly to. When these destinations became financially profitable, MEA opened routes to them and the competition became too difficult for them to carry on.

Wings of Lebanon is owned and run by the El Hajj family.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Nov 30, 2015
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