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Civil Defense contractors
are now full time employees
No financial cost for the State Treasury
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The Council of Ministers approved today a decree for turning Civil Defense contract workers into full-time employees.

Nabil De Freige, Minister of the Office of Ministry of State for Administrative Reform, said that turning Civil Defense volunteers into full-time employees still requires several procedures. Volunteers should undertake limited examinations at the Civil Service Council.

There are 681 Civil Defense contract workers. Volunteers total 3,316, according to the Civil Defense. The law enacted in 2014 said that members who have had a volunteer card for over three years will benefit from this law. Around 2,500 volunteers may benefit from this law, according to Rima El Murr, Civil Defense Attorney.

El Murr said that this decision will not cost the State Treasury additional financial dues, as the contract workers receive their salaries from the State. The Government will slash their salaries in order for the Treasury to cover the end of service compensation.

De Freige said that the Council did not discuss the sources of funding of the volunteers’ salaries. “The ministers discussed ways of enhancing the treasury’s revenues and we all agreed to prepare the State’s budget and enact it.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Feb 10, 2016
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