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Printania in Broummana
home to 15 restaurants
Additional eight restaurants on Broummana high street
including Roadster, Zaatar w Zeit, Nasma
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Two Printania venues in Broummana will see the launch of 15 restaurants in late June, with a further eight restaurants opening around Broumanna high street. Eight of the 15 outdoor restaurants will be at the Printania Villa, with the remaining seven at the Printania Garden.

Printania Villa was recently remolded into a food and beverage (F&B) cluster, next to the Printania Hotel.

Pierre Ashkar, owner of the hotel and Head of Broummana Municipality, said: “With the dwindling number of foreign visitors, we will rely on domestic tourism.”

“We experienced this concept last year with a few outlets. The success we achieved encouraged us to develop the concept further, and also incited several restaurant chains to invest in Broummana,” Ashkar said.

Eight restaurants will open on and around Broummana high street, including Tablero Lounge, Nasma, Main Street, Shot Gone, Tabliet Massaad, Bru Bar, Roadster, and Zaatar w Zeit. Ashkar said that he helped these chains in choosing the locations, facilitating the licenses procedures.

Elie Moughamess, major shareholder of Tablero Lounge Bar, said: “Broummana will regain its previous popularity such as other cities like Jbeil. We are optimistic about the results.” He said that they are relying on the citizens more than tourists. Moughamess invested around $150,000 in his outlet. It has the capacity to host 120 people.

The project will bring eight restaurants and pubs to Printania Villa including Cappuccino, Clown Lounge, Duo, Blackrock, Pablo Escobar, Spice & Slice (a new shawarma concept by Kababji), Let's Chocolate, Wrap’n’Roll, and Juice Box.

Printania Garden will host seven restaurants: Maillon Café, Le Jardin, Magnolia, SushiCo, Milana Ristorante, Cinco Lounge, Peter's Grill, and Fizz Zone. Each restaurant can host up to 150 people. As these are outdoor restaurants, their activity will end in winter.

According to Ashkar, investment is estimated at $8 million. The restaurants will create around 500 jobs. Most of the employees will be university students from the nearby villages.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Jun 17, 2016
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