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Yves Rocher
returns to the market
15 locations planned

for the next two years

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Pimak, a recently established company, is bringing back French beauty and cosmetics brand, Yves Rocher. Pimak announced it will open 15 Yves Rocher stores in the next two years. Investments will reach more than $2 million and 50 jobs will be created.

The first Yves Rocher store will open in City Mall this December, according to shareholders, Pierre G. Achkar and Mark Atik.

The store will be 39 square meters (M2).

The next two outlets will be in Zalka and Zgharta. The 130 m2 Zalka store will include a 30 m2 retail space. It will also dedicate 100 m2 space for a beauty institute. The luxury beauty brand will be located within Etablissement Michel Yammine in Zgharta.

Pimak has plans to introduce Yves Rocher to Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.

Yves Rocher has been absent from the market for the past three years. It was originally represented by Holdal.
Reported by Yassmine Alieh
Date Posted: Nov 11, 2016
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