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New Custom fees
on selected imports
Tariffs up to 25 percent to protect dairy,

poultry, plastic, paper, leather industries

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The Ministry of Industry (MoI) will impose Custom fees on some imported products soon, in order to protect the local dairy, poultry, plastic, paper, and leather industries.

Dany Gedeon, Director General at the MoI, said: “The ministry is studying on a case-by-case basis the percentage of fees that will be imposed on each product. Fees may go up to 25 percent.”

Minister of Industry Hussein Hajj Hassan said: “The market is being flooded by products from neighboring countries, which is affecting some industries negatively.”

The value of currencies in several countries such as Turkey, Egypt, and Syria has decreased against the dollar, which makes it difficult for local goods to compete against imports.

The ministry decided this week to protect the stones and marble industry, by obliging importers to obtain a license from the ministry before importing.

Hajj Hassan said that there is a consensus in the government to protect local industries.

Gedeon said: “Although the trade agreements that were signed prohibit imposing fines and taxes on imported products, the ministry will impose custom fines because other countries are violating the agreements directly or indirectly. They are refusing some local products arguing that paperwork is missing, or products do not comply with certain standards.”

The ministry is negotiating with some countries as well as the European Union to solve this problem, either through agreeing on reducing imports or imposing fines on imported products.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Mar 01, 2017
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