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Guest homes and winery in Ghalboun
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Elie Gebrayel, major shareholder of Erga Group, an engineering and consulting firm, opened two guesthouses in Ghalboun, Jbeil, last week.

The guesthouses are found in two old houses which have been renovated. The first, with five-rooms and a total built-up area of 330 square meters (m2) is named Beit el Dayaa, and is located in the middle of Ghalboun village.

The second guesthouse is named Beit El Bayder, located at a higher altitude than the village. It measures 210 m2, including four rooms, an old cellar for special events, and a large swimming pool.

Maydet Ghalboun, a Lebanese restaurant, will soon open alongside the guesthouse. Gebrayel said that the restaurant will offer food prepared by women from Ghalboun.

“The project has five-star specifications, using sustainable and environmental materials,” said Gebrayel.

The rate for a single room is $100 per night, or $250 for the studio. Gebrayel said that the rooms were fully booked for the first week of operation.

Next year, Gebrayel will also open Domaine St. Gabriel winery in Ghalboun. The vineyard for the winery measures 50,000 m2. The winery is expected to produce 12,000 bottles in the first two years, increasing to 50,000 bottles after three years.

Gebrayel also launched a project to produce honey under the brand name St. Gabriel Les Ruches. It includes 165 beehives, producing 750 kilograms of honey per year. He said that the number of beehives will reach 350 next year.

Other products such as olive oils and molasses produced in Ghalboun will be displayed in the guesthouses.

Investment in the project was above $5 million, excluding the cost of the land.

Gebrayel said that people who visit the guesthouse have the choice to benefit from a holistic sport program and hiking activities, as well as wine tasting.

Gebrayel, who is the mayor of Ghalboun, said that other houses in the village are being prepared to the same specifications and will open in the future.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 05, 2017
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