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Leaving fees increased at Beirut Airport
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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation at Rafik Hariri Beirut International Airport (RHBIA) will increase fees for departing passengers.

Mohamad Chehabeddine, Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, said that the increase in fees will only include trips with final destinations of over 1,250 km from Beirut. The fees for economy tickets will not change regardless of the trip distance and is confirmed at LL50,000 ($33), said Chehabeddine.

The new fees are:LL110,000 ($73) for business class, LL150,000 ($100) for first class, and LL400,000 ($267) for flights on private jet.

Fees for classes with distance less than 1,250 km are not changed and are as follows: LL70,000 ($47) for business class, and 100,000 ($67) for first class and private jet flights.

Some major airport destinations that do not exceed 1,250 km include: KSA Medina Airport, Egypt, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Athens, and Mykonos.

The circular is considered effective starting October 27, 2017.

Reported by: Samer Rasbey
Date Posted: Oct 31, 2017
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