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Freddie Baz
leaves Bank Audi
Marc Audi appointed

as Vice-Chairman

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Bank Audi has announced that Freddie Baz has stepped down as the bank’s Vice-Chairman and board member.

The bank’s board of directors has acknowledged the resignation of Baz and appointed Marc Audi as a new Vice-Chairman for the remainder of the current board’s term.

Marc, who is the son of Jean Audi, has been a board member since 1996 and a General Manager since 2004. He is the bank’s Country Manager for Lebanon.

Marc Audi started his career in the Bank Audi Group in 1981, and held several executive positions in Lebanon and in countries such as France, the USA (California), and Switzerland. Raymond Audi has been the bank’s Honorary Chairman since 2017, while Samir Hanna is the Chairman and Group CEO. The Audi family holds a 6.9 percent stake in the bank.

Baz, who spent 28 years of his 49-year professional life with Bank Audi, said that he had decided to retire after consultation with the board of directors. He said that from now on, he would devote himself to other activities such as art, culture, and social volunteering.
Reported by Shikrallah Nakhoul
Date Posted: Jul 29, 2019
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