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Dehydrated chips factory to open in Jezzine
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Agro Food Industries, Trading, and Technologies (Agrofitt) will open a chips factory in Al Bayader, Jezzine late this month.

Agrofitt will produce a diversified line of dehydrated chips from several types of fruits and vegetables, starting with apples and bananas. There will be several flavors from each product.

The company in collaboration with Saint Joseph University (USJ) has worked on developing the products. “All the experimental tests of the products were conducted in the university’s laboratories, to get a natural and crunchy product including all nutrients and vitamins,” said Samer Aoun, General Manager.

The products will be packed in aluminum bags under the brand name ‘Kwikeez’.

The total built-up area of the facility is 400 square meters (m2). Investment in the project is $1.4 million, excluding the land cost.

The project will create 18 job opportunities. “The project will support farmers in the region and will market their produce,” Aoun said.

The production capacity of the factory is 4,000 bags per shift (eight working hours). The company will export part of the production to the Gulf and African countries.

“Several trading companies have approached Agrofitt to distribute the produce in the local market,” Aoun said.

The major shareholders in the company are Antoine Rizk, and Samer Aoun.
Reported by Rania Ghanem
Date Posted: Sep 04, 2019
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